This necklace on the right is a family heirloom that ties a family. It has been passed down to at least 3 generations of women and will keep on doing so in the future as well. These are the words of its owner.

"I don’t think I like a piece of jewellery as much as this one. As someone in their 20s I would say this design is more relevant to me than the trendy items we see today that look the same but will not hold the same value."
A butterfly necklace
A bracelet with an empowering story of identity
Millions of stories are captured in these small pieces of jewelleries. As if they are wearable memories.

"Whenever I wore it, it was like a redemption.
I am queer and it is a part of my identity and
I am empowered in that fact".
"It makes me think of a special person and memories with her, but maybe it was the worst day of my life too."

Many of us have experienced similar overarching themes of love, loss, heartbreak. They are part of the human experience. Even if it feels isolating at times.
A bracelet with a heartbreaking story
A necklace with chillies that represents loss
"When I planned to go to the south of Italy for the summer, my best friend kept reminding me to buy one for her. By that point her sickness was too strong."

Use this platform to share your stories and read others' through the medium of jewelleries. What colour do you see your story in? How many others see that colour too? 
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